The Story Of Us


I hate it. It won’t get out of my mind. :(

I be laughin’ real hard at the corniest jokes in school; in fact, I’mma be crackin’ ‘em too. Disgusted with how corny those are, my friends throw at me faces of displeasure, or try to let out the most sarcastic laugh their rolling eyes would best match with. This happens everyday, and boy, I am fine. Sometimes I could even get high. Sometimes they seriously ask me where the heck my head’s gone to. I just laugh, and then sigh. 

Even I don’t know where. 

It’s fine. We know we’re lying. We know something meant something else, we know what would have been, could have been, and should have been. We know the words we wish we had said if we’ve only had the courage that’s greater than this ‘no way I won’t’ thinking. It’s funny whenever we find ourselves finding a consolation for what we recognize our own ‘good’, when we start with the answers that we know are all too wrong. Again, it’s fine. We know we’re lying. This is a mess we are tangled in. 

I can’t believe it doesn’t seem so to me.

That one unproductive day at the ISED shed…

That one unproductive day at the ISED shed…

Eyes don’t lie. When you get too high remembering all the happy memories and laughing inside at the corniest jokes in the world, don’t be surprised if your mom suggests you to get some more sleep. Haha! Nakakawala talaga ng stress. Hi guys!

Hey, I check your Ask sometimes. We used to have a mutual follow on Twitter, but I moved to a new account. I did for so many reasons and those include you.

I read your new version of your speech last month, and now I finally get to write my own review:

I guess you’ve changed. Hahaha.

PS. You somehow look like a manga character. 


I hope you know that
I want to let you know
But I won’t let you know
All you know is I too know
And all I know is you don’t know
And maybe you won’t know
In the right time I hope
You will know
And I will tell you why
By then I don’t know
If we’d even care to know
But I care
And you don’t know

Sweet tooth.

Sweet tooth.